Narvik and a bright night on the beach

Experience the midnight sun on a beach in Norway

A new essay in your travel diary - a new milestone in your life! We will bring you to the beach. At night. But it will be daylight and sunshine. Because the beach is more than 200 km north of the arctic circle. Do you want to take a swim or shall we have a barbeque ?

B O T H !

At 8.00PM we pick you up from your hotel/hostel by minivan for a truly unforgettable night tour. From Kiruna towards east we will follow the European road No. 10. Along lake Torneträsk the sun will be in westward direction and we will make several stops at scenic viewpoints before we will enter Norway in Riksgränsen.


A short while after Björnfjell we will enjoy the first view on to the North Atlantic Ocean. Only 30 minutes left to go to Narvik. We will make a short stop in the city center and drive to the port before we will go to the beach. A silent walk, the smell of salt and the low standing sun at night - now it will be your chance to get THE photo to impress your friends and neighbours: Your guide will shoot the image in case you want to have a swim in one of the cleanest oceans left on the planet - but he m i g h t shake his head: Please do not expect tropical water temperatures - this spot is +200 Km north of the arctic circle...

A basic barbeque with sausages, bread and soft drinks will close the stay at the beach. When we will be back in Kiruna at app. 2.30 AM the sun will be eastward again and it will be a new day. But you will not have seen any dusk nor any dawn. It is polar summer - and you will just come home from the beach ...


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Season 2016: Mai, 27th until July, 16th
Availability: Every Monday / Wednesday / Friday
Pick-up: Your hotel/hostel in Kiruna or Jukkasjärvi at 08.00 PM
Duration: 6,5 hours
Minimum participants: 2
Maximum participants: 6
Price / person: SEK 1620
Price / children 8-12 years of age: SEK 1200 if accompaigned by two adults
Minimum age: 8 years

Kiruna - Narvik

app. 170 Km one way